Setup Eclipse and AVR plugin with updated avr-gcc tool

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Setting up Eclipse IDE for C/C++ with AVR plugins to use the latest and updated avr-gcc tools

The first and foremost thing you need to start writing programs for AVR microcontroller is to setup the IDE(integrated development environment) in your system. Out of many options ranging for WinAVR to high end Atmel studio i found the best option in something else. Yes i found out that using Eclipse C/C++ compiler along with AVR plugin is the best way to write programs for AVR microcontroller.

Enable LTO -link-time optimization

LTO stands for link-time optimization and basically it means deferring most optimizations until all compilation units (each file being compiled, including libraries) have been processed.As an example, consider a library function that's called only once in the current program. Without LTO both caller and callee will be compiled separately. With LTO the callee will be inlined (it's always profitable to inline a function that's called only once). While just inlining might look not much of a win, take into consideration that this also allows code specialization at compile-time.For more information, look up the -flto and -fwhole-program compile options.

First Run - compiling first project



Programming AVRs is fun, but sometimes the manufacturers development environments make code maintenance a chore. If your looking for a free, cross platform, high quality piece of software for programming AVRs Eclipse is a good choice.

Moving to an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Eclipse is a logical step up from learning to program basic functions. By using an IDE you will be able to work easier and work with a range of tools inside the same program. you will be able to easily package and reuse your code and you will have access to advanced functions like refactoring and code analysis. For details on these benefits please have a quick skim over

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